Fight Poverty with Hope

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The cycle of poverty will continue with each generation if we do nothing. Please partner with SVdP Georgia today, your monthly gift will be an investment that will provide Hope in Action to those living in poverty in Georgia.

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5 Responses to “Fight Poverty with Hope”

  1. Arielle dillon says: with rental assistance I am a working.mother of 3 I can.not afford child care my job will not give the hours I need to succeed I am actively looking for work and I need help until I can get a better job please 40448335457

  2. svdpatladmin says:

    Ms. Dillon,

    Please contact our assistance line at 678-892-6163 and enter the information requested including your zip code. You will be prompted to leave a message.

    Thank you.
    Society of St. Vincent de Paul

  3. LE DOAN says:

    A visitor from Vietnam just come to Georgia about 2 weeks ago and stop by to see my Husband, he is a Vietnamese Marine Disable Veteran, had lost 2 legs in 1972 during the war, my husband is the one who rescues him and have to amputate his legs right then or he would not survived.

    We very happy to see him after so many years, I notice that when he walk it’s very difficult to walk in his prosthetic legs, he is in paint and that was due to his prosthetic legs is not fitted him well and the materials is very poorly make.

    I am seeking your assistant to see if we can help this man to get better prosthetic legs so he can walk without hurting. please let me know. Greatly appreciated.

    Le Doan

  4. svdpatladmin says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Doan,

    Thank you for your correspondence to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia. I commend you on wanting to assist this individual with a prosthetic. Since he is a veteran, you should contact the Veterans Administration to find out what he may need to do to acquire assitance. However you may also contact St. Vincent de Paul and find out if there is an organization which might also help. Please call the assistance line at 678-892-6163 and follow the directions.

    thank you.

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul
    Communications Department

  5. H. delohery says:

    Interested in Volunteer in local food pantry in Church related in Roswell, GA

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