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Food Pantry Needs

How Can You Help?

No matter what your budget or schedule holds, there is always a way you can make a big difference in someone else’s life.  Not all donations are monetary.  Through volunteering, fundraising, and coordinating food and clothing drives, you can find the opporutnity that works best for you.

Hold a Food Drive

Whether you are interested in an individual contribution, every effort helps another individual or family in need.

Canned Items Condiments Infant Needs
Assorted vegetables and fruits Mustard Formula
Assorted meats (chicken, tuna, etc.) Mayonnaise Assorted baby food
Assorted beans Ketchup Diapers
Assorted meals (chili, Spaghetti-Os,etc.) Flour  Wipes
Tomato products Corn meal Soaps
Assorted soups and broths Sugar
Olives Kitchen-related Items Personal Hygiene
Aluminum foil Assorted feminine products
 Boxed Items Plastic wrap Assorted toothpaste
Sandwich bags Assorted toothbrushes
Assorted individual fruit cups Freezer bags Bath soap (bar or liquid)
Assorted cereals (hot and cold) Table napkins Brushes and combs
Grits Assorted razors and kits
Rice Assorted Spices Lotions and creams
Complete meals Assorted cooking oils Mouthwash
Assorted pastas Vinegar Shampoo
Assorted pasta Meals Conditioner
Macaroni and cheese Food in Glass/Plastic Container Skin (sun) protection creams
Ramen noodles Assorted pasta sauces
Jell-O and pudding mix Assorted salad dressings Household Items
Tea Assorted dried beans Cleaning cloths, sponges
Multi-pack crackers Rice Cleaning soaps  window etc
Sandwich crackers Peanut butter Paper towels
Lunchables Assorted jellies Toilet paper
Powdered milk Laundry soap
Cup of Noodles Dishwashing detergents
Individual juice boxes Disinfectant aerosols
Instant potatoes, etc. Polishes
Bisquick Scrubs,
Pancake mix

Hold a clothing Drive

Donate your gently used household items.

Not only do our food pantries need help, but so do our Thrift Stores.  Clean you home, lighten your load, and provide vital items for  families in need.  Consider donating those to good to toss or those “I’ll find a use for this someday” items to our Thrift Stores.  We will either find a new home for them with a family in need or use the funds from their purchase to provide our programs or services.

Please click here for a list of items we routinely accept and a list of items we need most.  Please email to make arrangements for a pickup in your neighborhood.

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