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Donation Guidelines

What items does SVdP accept as donations?

We are pleased to accept the following in good/working condition:
• Clothing — men’s, women’s, boys’, girls’, and infants’
• Footwear — shoes and boots
• Outerwear — hats, gloves, mittens and scarves
• Books, records, compact discs, and DVDs
• Games and toys (all pieces and parts must be included)
• Housewares — dishes, kitchen utensils, lamps and small appliances
• Knickknacks (giftware)
• Furniture — dressers, tables, bed frames and sofas (home pick-up available)
• Antiques and collectibles
• Hardware and tools
• Domestics — curtains, linen, bedspreads, blankets, etc.
• Sporting goods
• Bicycles
• Automobiles
• Eyeglasses (donated to Lighthouse Foundation)
• SVdP also accepts televisions, TV recording/viewing devices (VHS, DVD, etc.), video game consoles and accessories, video equipment and digital photo frames for resale in its stores. These items should be in working order.

We cannot accept the following items:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept certain items including but not limited to:
Large items that do not work. SVdP cannot repair these items but we can recyclying some. Please see below for a list of items which can be recycled.
Building materials. Carpet, shutters, doors, windows, toilets, lumber, concrete, bricks, stones. SVdP does not sell these items and disposal costs are restrictive.
Encyclopedias. These items are not saleable in our stores and cannot be recycled.
Upholstered couches and chairs which are torn, soiled or otherwise damaged. SVdP does not repair or clean items and can only offer clean, useable items for sale in the stores.
Automobile parts. Tires, wheels, batteries, seats, body parts and engines. SVdP does not sell these items and disposal costs are restrictive.
Paint and chemicals of any kind. SVdP is not allowed to sell or dispose of these items in a landfill.
Kerosene and gas heaters and appliances. SVdP is not licensed to handle or sell items of this kind and disposal is expensive and highly restricted.
CPSC frequently recalled items. Infant furniture, car seats, exercise equipment, baby cribs, strollers, carriages, playpens/play yards, children’s items containing lead or phthalates.
Water-soaked or stained items
Swing sets/children’s swimming pools
Air conditioners
Used mattresses and box springs (health and safety reasons)


Items SVdP accepts for recycling:

• Computer Parts and accessories • Monitors
• Telecom equipment • Printers
• Copiers • Servers
• Circuit Boards • Obsolete microchips
• Cell phones and accessories • Televisions
• VCRs • DVDs
• Stereos • Digital cameras and camcorders
• Video game consoles • Satellite dishes and systems
• Toasters • Blenders
• Coffee makers • Hair dryers
• Vacuums, and more  


SVdP reserves the right to refuse any donation.

Note regarding furniture: SVdP accepts clean, usable furniture that can be sold in our stores. To ensure the safety of our employees, we ask that donations of furniture be made at our retail stores whenever possible, if not please call the donation line: 678-892-6162.


Why does SVdP not accept some items?

All donations that SVdP can sell in its stores are greatly appreciated. However, when SVdP receives items that cannot be used, staff must dispose of them, raising expenses and reducing the revenue available for  programs and services.

Why does SVdP throw some items away?

Where possible, items that are placed on the sales floor but do not sell are recycled and sold for salvage.
When SVdP receives items that it cannot sell, such as broken, torn or damaged items or products that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we are forced to dispose of those items for the safety of our customers. The fees for disposal of these items raise our expenses and reduce the revenue available for programs and services.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes. All not-for-profit organizations are prohibited from assigning values or estimates to donated items, so SVdP always recommends that you consult a tax adviser first. When donating items a donation receipt will always be provided if needed.

What if I accidentally donated an item; can I get it back?

Regrettably, there isn’t much chance of retrieving items that are donated accidentally.
If an accidental donation can be found, SVdP is happy to return it. Donors may wish to call the manager of the location where they made the donation. If the donation was made recently, it might not be too late to locate the item in the store.

How can businesses donate?If your place of business would like to make a donation, SVdP will gladly work with you to make arrangements for pick-up and transportation. SVdP accepts commercial donations such as clothing, office supplies, furniture and other bulk items.

Making a commercial donation to SVdP provides your business with a tax deduction for the value of the donated items, eliminates and saves on the cost of product storage and recycles the items. For SVdP, it becomes valued merchandise in SVdP businesses and further supports SVdP’s mission.
To make a commercial donation, contact Kevin Barbee at 678-892-6185

Tips for Donors

To make your donation process go smoothly and to ensure that you are donating items SVdP can sell in its stores, here are some tips for checking the items you plan to donate:
• Check your items before donating to make sure all are items you want to give to SVdP.
• Check pockets of clothing for jewelry, money and other valuable items that you might not want to donate.
• Separate clothing into different bags/boxes than household items.
• Check to ensure that items you are donating are not soiled, stained or ripped.
• Test electrical equipment and battery-operated items to make sure they work.
• Include all pieces and parts to games, toys and household appliances.


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